Beats & Pieces

Buck Houston LIVE! from Marseille
Resident DJ, Buck Houston, caps our Marseille opening party with a kitchen sink selection of sounds celebrating the underground of all from hip hop to big beat, Arabic techno and beyond.
PUSSYKOPAT LIVE! from Marseille
When we opened our first international kiosk in the spiritual home of French hip hop, it only made sense to celebrate it with our debut open mic session; Kaina bringing her riotous PUSSYKOPAT crew along for an unforgettable 40 minutes
Qantic LIVE! From Sant Joan
Qantic soundtracks a sunny August afternoon with a selection of beats, trip-hop and downtempo goodness
DJ Device LIVE! from Sant Joan
Downtempo, soulful, funky as hell ... DJ Device's laidback selection of sounds is heavy on vibes for Passeig Sant Joan
Freshcuts LIVE! from Sant Joan
Every month, Greek scratch DJ Freshcuts records an unplanned set of tracks he's discovered that month. For his June 2022 session, he did so Live! from News & Coffee.
RBØY LIVE! from Sant Joan
RBØY's ethos is simple: party. With a heavy focus on the 1990s, the Venezuela-born, Barcelona-raised presented two hours of good time sounds.