Four to the Floor

Oendanlegur LIVE! from Sant Joan
New beat, slinky synths and expansive Balearic, Memo Valles (aka Oendanlegur) brings eclectic electro vibes to our New Aesthetic street party
Buck Houston LIVE! From Sant Joan
Buck's hot summer session takes us from golden age hip hop to the floor filling sounds of the UK underground.
Buck Houston LIVE! from Sant Joan
The final session for our Sant Jordi tour through Barcelona sees resident Buck Houston take us to where it all started with just over an hour of party music from newsstand number one.
Buck Houston LIVE! from Sant Joan
Buck Houston relies heavily on the disco side of his record box for a funk-infused winter session aiming to bring light to the unnaturally dark streets of Barcelona.
JBdeQ LIVE! From Sant Joan
From the sound of urban London to classic Chicago house music and beyond, JBdeQ brings the dancefloor to the streets of Barcelona.
Buck Houston LIVE! from Sant Joan
From African funk to contemporary Latin American dance music and on to raging nu-disco, Buck Houston delivers another eclectic session from Sant Joan.